Welcome to the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

A “land of lakes and volcanoes” describes this beautiful and fascinating country well. Two great lakes, Xolotlán and Cocibolca are the largest in Central America, and running parallel to the pacific coast is the Maribios volcano chain with 58 volcanoes, six of which are active.

But Nicaragua is more than lakes and volcanoes…the rich biodiversity of the country and its 76 protected area make it a great destination for eco-tourism. Nicaragua’s cultural wealth, filled with beauty and tradition are found in its charming colonial cities and towns.

The festive spirit of the country is everywhere with its dances, music, and ritual contributing to Nicaraguan folklore.

With so much to experience in this beautiful country, we encourage you to explore the surrounding region with side trips from Marina Puesta del Sol…ski a volcano, visit a coffee plantation, taste a fine aged rum at the Flor de Caña distillery or fly through a rain forest canopy on a zip-line! It’s all here for you in Nicaragua…